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Goat Chops- Per Lb

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Tender Goat Chops Weight:1 Lb Brand:AlRaheem
Goat Head Burnt With Brain, Tongue. Weights Approx. 4.5lb Weight:3 Lb Brand:AlRaheem

Goat Head No Skin (EACH)

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Goat Head No Skin (EACH). With Brain And Tongue. Weights Approx 2Lb - 2.5Lb. Weight:2 Lb Brand:AlRaheem
Goat Leg Is A Thick But Tender Meat Cut Ideal For Braising Or Stewing. The Minimum Weight Required For A Goat Leg Is 5-5.5lb Which Is A Full Goat ...

Goat Shoulder- Per Lb

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Tender Goat Shoulder. For Whole Shoulder, Order 5lb MINUMUM Mention "Whole Shoulder" In Instruction Box Bellow. Weight:1 Lb Brand:AlRaheem
Whole Goat That Is With Head And Liver- Fresh From Ontario Farm Weight:28 Lb Brand:AlRaheem